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About 123 Breathe With Me

At 123 Breathe with me, we use the 272 page curriculum  written by Andrew Jordan Nance. Mindful Arts in the Classroom was written so all children have the skills needed to succeed in life.  Using mindfulness techniques, original stories, art activities and fun games we provide an in-person mindfulness instructor to teach children how to use their breath to control their minds and bodies so that they can make good choices. We offer a complete course of study helping kids identify and talk about their feelings, self-regulate, self-soothe when stressed, as well as help them learn social skills all while participating in fun activities.

Our Goal

Our Mission

It is our mission at 123 Breathe with me to bring mindfulness into every TK-5 classroom so that all children have equitable tools to thrive. We want to provide each student the skills to cope with life by recognizing and expressing their emotions in an appropriate manner. We believe children will improve their self-esteem and gain a positive outlook on life. It is our goal to create future generations of healthy minded individuals whose mindfulness practice has supported them to see clearly, act wisely, and create a more aware just world.

Our Benefits

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Mindfulness has been proven as an efficient method for managing stress and anxiety. Students learn how to react to internal and external pressure by better understanding their emotions and feelings. They learn how to respond to anxiety and stress by acknowledging all sensations and feelings, letting them be felt and processed.

Improves Attention and Focus

Mindfulness improves attention and focus by teaching students to be present in the moment to focus on their breathing. It helps students avoid distractions and maintain concentration on the task at hand.

Enhances Cognitive Skills

According to research, when children practice mindfulness the grey matter in the pre-frontal cortex can become thicker therefore showing increased activity. This part of the brain is responsible for things like planning, problem solving, and controlling emotions.

Better Emotional Social Intelligence along with Improved Compassion
School is where children learn the most about interacting with others and managing their emotions. The experiences children share at school form the fundamental social skills needed for a full life. By offering a pathway to peace and kindness, mindfulness promotes a more positive, caring classroom environment. When children acknowledge the importance of their feelings and the feelings of others, they learn to cultivate empathy and compassion for all.

About Mindfullness

Mindfulness can change the brains anatomies. Mindfulness is more than a coping strategy. It can change the physical makeup of the brain. Researchers found that over time those who practiced mindfulness increased the gray matter in brain regions associated with memory, learning and focus.

A message from our founder

Our children are our future and our most precious resource for a happier healthier tomorrow. We must provide them with the tools they need to survive in this very challenging world.

Covid took a tool on all of us, however our youth suffered the most. Children were mandated to stay home isolated from friends and forced to learn in a whole new way. These children who were already showing signs of depression and anxiety had no outlets to cope. Thankfully people like Andrew Nance saw the need for a program that helped children learn how to self-regulate their emotions and become more resilient. When I found Andrew’s program, I knew I found my next chapter.

I had recently retired and was looking for something to do as I had moved from LA to Lincoln, CA. My background as a holistic Health Coach and Chopra Certified Meditation instructor was perfect for the task of helping Andrew spread his word. I joined on and through zoom, taught second graders mindfulness.

It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. Seeing the children grow emotionally and socially through games and stories was amazing. The feedback from the teachers told me it was a valuable program and the kids responded with such enthusiasm I knew wanted to bring the program to Placer County. 123 Breathe with me was born. 12 Bridges Elementary School was the first to sign on and I hope that every child has the opportunity to learn mindfulness. I am so excited and grateful for the opportunity to share and grow along with each child.

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